Geropsychiatry Consultation Systems for either Long-term or Outpatient Care

Microsoft Access Database System

This software was originally developed for AAGP member Diane M. Angstadt, MD. The Geropsychiatry Long-term Care and Outpatient applications were designed to assist the practicing psychiatrist in electronic record keeping, report production and practice management. The program is divided into data sections including identifying data, history, review of systems, mental status exam, diagnostic impression and recommendations. Drop-down lists provide for ease of data entry and can be modified through the table maintenance feature. The copy button allows for transfer of repetitive data from initial to follow-up consultations. A summary section is included for the purpose of recording notations separate from the generated report. Conceptual Software is available to customize the software to meet the geropsychiatrist’s specific requirements.

Dr. Angstadt relates, "as geropsychiatry consultant to Homewood Retirement Center in Hanover, PA and Albright Care Services, in Lewisburg, PA, my Long-term Care practice has grown significantly. Fortunately, Conceptual Software has created a documentation solution that is practical and time efficient. Through utilizing the Geropsychiatry Consultation applications, my consultations provide comprehensive information to the resident’s treatment team and communicate my recommendations in an organized and legible manner. Conceptual Software's responsiveness and technical support were exceptional throughout the development and implementation of our project."

To review or purchase the Geropsychiatry Consultation software, please contact us. The software package is available at a 10% discount to AAGP members.