Project Tracker

Handyman Project Management System

Microsoft Access Database System

This software was originally developed for All-American Construction and Restoration, Inc. The Project Tracker application was designed to assist contractors in project management, electronic record keeping and report production.

Project Tracker provides the ability to maintain both client and project information, including estimate and actual data for hours, labor and material. It also generates the proposal to be delivered to the client for approval. Reporting features easily identify projects at various stages of the contracting life cycle (contact requested, estimate needed, work in-progress, etc.). Drop-down lists facilitate ease of data entry and can be modified through the table maintenance feature. Conceptual Software is available to customize the software to meet the contractor’s specific requirements.

We are currently working on creating a Windows-based version of this application using .NET technology that would not require a license for Microsoft Access. To review or purchase the Project Tracker software, please contact us.