Custom Software Development

Custom software development is our primary objective, and quite frankly, it's what we're best at. Most people equate "custom" with "expensive", but that doesn't always have to be the case. You may pay a little bit more than you might for an off-the-shelf package, but you're guaranteed to get exactly what you need, and you'll understand exactly how it works.

We specialize in creating software solutions that are customized for your business needs, to improve your business efficiency. We work with you to determine what you need, and perform the following steps to ensure your satisfaction.

1 - Research

Business analysis to determine your requirements

2 - Design

Design a solution to satisfy your needs

3 - Develop

Develop the solution with you

4 - Test

Guide you through acceptance testing of your solution

5 - Document

Provide documentation for ongoing reference

6 - Deliver

Deploy and help you implement your new solution

Additional services

Website Development

We will help you establish a presence on the internet. If you're already there, we may be able to help you improve what you've got.

Here are some of the web sites we have developed recently for our customers.

  • GO Cuetime Sports Pool League
  • GO USA Masters Field Hockey

Business Process Analysis

We will perform an extensive analysis of your business procedures to capture and document existing practices. Based upon the findings, we will make recommendations to streamline your processes and improve your operational efficiency.

Our approach to this is as follows:

  • 1. Conduct in-depth interviews with staff members to determine current business practices.
  • 2. Recommend process modifications to improve efficiency.
  • 3. Create an inventory of applications and relevant information regarding usage.
  • 4. Recommend an approach for consolidation of applications to remove redundancies.

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